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Yuko ota ananth dating

AH: We set ourselves some pretty strict guidelines about what we would and wouldn’t share and I think we were pretty consistent on it?I guess if there’s one thing that surprised me, it was that we made comics about getting married at the end.Is it easy to draw a line between what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not? Friend stuff is great, skip the relationship details. Could someone read this and think “hey this is me and my friends! YO: Yeah, we’re very quiet and private people by nature and we didn’t want to put ourselves under a microscope.Braver people than us have done more introspective/tell-all journal comics, but it’s not the vibe we had in mind (we were reading a lot of when we started out). These comics were supposed to be pulled out to a point where anyone could paste their faces over ours and think, “oh, that is also me! AH: I keep trying to explain to them that they have fans, but they’re all MEOW MEOW MEOW!!!

many of them have been with us for a long time (before even) and it felt right to get a little more personal. Obviously, we deliberately skirted around a lot of topics in the text --- hardships, our professional lives, any deeper emotional stuff --- whether or not we were in a romantic relationship was never a cornerstone of what we were doing.CA: What did you learn from making the autobiographical strips that you’ve applied to your fiction? Can you communicate through the art without any dialogue at all?AH: How to tell a joke, mostly --- it’s not something that came to me naturally! I think this folds into ‘how to tell a joke' --- there’s a huge challenge in doing one-page comics where you have to get to the point and fast. CA: At this point, you’re basically old pros with Kickstarting books.”CA: Is it ever weird that your cats are minorly famous? Sometimes people at shows will ask us how they’re doing, which is sweet. The two of us work in the same office and we’re pretty much constantly in each other’s business.CA: How has your collaboration changed as you’ve gotten older? Anything one of us does almost always has the other’s fingerprints on it; we’ve always been more of a co-creator team than a writer/artist team.

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Through the comic their audience got to see them grow up and experience life events over the years like travel and marriage.