Windows 2016 dhcp not updating dns records

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Windows 2016 dhcp not updating dns records

If you are not familiar with Hyper-V, review the terminology used in this guide before starting.

This guide contains instructions for three general procedures: Install Hyper-V, configure Hyper-V, and configure VMs.

We hope this primer to troubleshooting dynamic DNS updates was able to point you in the right direction to the problem -- and a solution.

When a problem occurs start from the client and work your way back.

The instructions in this guide should not be used in a production setting, and are not meant to replace the instructions found in production deployment guidance.

When one link in the chain fails, records may stop getting updated or may even get removed altogether inadvertently!This guide contains instructions to configure a proof of concept (Po C) environment requiring a minimum amount of resources.The guide makes extensive use of Windows Power Shell and Hyper-V.A Windows Power Shell window can be used to run all commands in this guide.However, when commands are specified for a command prompt, you must either type CMD at the Windows Power Shell prompt to enter the command prompt, or preface the command with "cmd /c", or if desired you can escape special characters in the command using the back-tick character (`).

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If it's started, ensure there's no events in the computer's System event log that indicate a problem. Check the advanced DNS client NIC setting The "Register this connection's addresses in DNS" should be on by default, but we've seen instances where it's disabled through some kind of policy.