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Another important and sensitive observation is in order.As you are aware, the AATSP is about to celebrate its 75th anniversary, but not since its founding father, the distinguished scholar and teacher Aurelio M.Some of the most qualified individuals who have served the AATSP in recent years in other high-level positions fall within these groups.As an organization of teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, we purportedly not only stand for, but indeed espouse and propagate, various principles in our profession that range from the ethnic and the cultural to the linguistic.Taken as a case in point, renditions of Os Lusíadas, the Renaissance epic of Portugal which was written by Luís de Camões, consistently manifest a wealth of instructive material that has accompanied the many editions of the poem over the centuries.The list of prefatory or appended information includes such items as glossaries, biographic sketches of the poet, summaries of Portuguese history, global geography with maps and charts, mythological dictionaries, identification of the epic’s previous translators and even their respective professions, and above all notes, analyses, and commentaries on the poem itself, along with evaluations of translations that came before the current one.

Klein set the tone regarding the importance of these two top positions when he said: «In another these or four years, top Association leadership positions will all be in new hands. In order to uphold the spirit of these words, several things must happen; if not, those of us involved in the selection process, namely, the Executive Council, will have abrogated our duty as representatives and failed our organization and its members.

As many of you know, we are on the threshold of selection an Executive Director of AATSP and an Editor of Hispania; this process will be finalized in Chicago during our annual conference.

The selection of these two individuals could well mark the most important task any Executive Council has been faced with heretofore, because they will not only load the AATSP into the 21st century, but chart its course for years to come.

In the way ancient relics can challenge other disciplines like art or anthropology, so too versions of a classic from more remote times are able to contribute to other fields of knowledge beyond the theory and practice of translation.

This is generally true of great books and especially the epics of Western literature which have been rendered over the centuries not only into the major languages of the world, but with several prose and verse variations in the lame target idiom.

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Besides the possibility of paralleling multiple interpretations from one period or different eras, in the lame or diverse languages -a fruitful exercise for students in seminars and workshops- antique translations frequently provide peripheral addenda as supportive material for the actual text itself.