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"Basically," he ^jui "without J jjroup ol frurivis and lomilv to kuc mo the push I needed, I wouldn't be hen-." Souter |»iined Harper's rank* in the Idll ot I'M* after seven years ol expenmenta- tion left him with mori' ques tion than he had when he entered collej^e the hrst time In went t,.-«h.

k ..m i~i.iiiii i.- de it I didn I •ind tn-e time ■ Uine couldn I see himself ivtum- mj; next s«-mi'ster.

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Mfcii t, 1000 WHCM DJ brings mix and liumor and controversy to daytime broadcast Alan t.

K tor showing me how- to break Um let my creahve side leak ijit siructuted obtcchvitv of Kiumal- .^ riting I )ann »n Northwestern basketball Jub rw I ad\ Hawk-s hung touph but .

li Ihe lady Hawks were oniv down bv two points at the end of the tirsi half but the Lady Hawks werent te come home with Iht MCtorv Audiiw.

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