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Be insistent, saying, “ I do not think that it would be good for us to have a further discussion about the issues right now. I really am interested in working with you to find something that is going to be win-win for everyone.” It is crucial to make every effort to part ways on good terms.You are quite right that I owe you this discussion and you are going to get it. The person’s original reaction may be aggressive and full of hurt and this may make things more difficult. Follow up with a letter to the person thanking them for their contribution to the organization. Be specific and do not condemn him with faint praise.Indeed, in recent years, as awareness has increased and sensitivity has been heightened regarding the incidence of sexual abuse and its severity, both in the broader society around us and in our community specifically, Agudath Israel and Torah Umesorah have taken a number of concrete steps to help ensure that Jewish schools, extra-curricular youth programs and summer camps implement policies and procedures designed to protect children against such abuse.

Our hearts go out to their victims, and we share in their pain.Stated simply, legislation that would do away with the statute of limitations completely, even if only for a one-year period, could subject schools and other vital institutions to ancient claims and capricious litigation, and place their very existence in severe jeopardy.Agudath Israel and Torah Umesorah most vigorously oppose any such legislation.One could envision a scenario in which a senior citizen might choose to bring a claim against a school for an incident that allegedly occurred over half-a-century ago when the claimant was a child.The fact that the alleged perpetrator may have passed on, or that the administration of the school may have changed several times since the alleged abuse, or that the school no longer has any records or insurance policies dating back to the time the abuse allegedly occurred, or even any records of the individual ever having attended the school, would be of no moment whatsoever under the proposed bill.

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Page 105 of 194 Hopefully this approach will be accepted in which case you can end by saying, “I want to thank you for all that you have done for us.