Online dating time wasters in the workplace

Posted by / 23-Dec-2017 10:06

For the percentages, the circles could at least have been doughnut charts coloring only the appropriate portion of the circumference.

My favorite is the version of Unfortunately, some companies have caught on to the fact that we’re dicking around at work and try to stop us, whether through surveillance or IP blocks on beloved time wasters like Reddit or Facebook.Likewise, images are whited out until you mouse over them.You can customize this kind of behavior (how much the image gets whited out, the font sizes, etc.)If you use Chrome or Chromium as your procrastibrowser, Decreased Productivity is the way to go.No business can afford to have wasted time at work, especially when growth and profitability is directly tied to how productive your employees are.So check out our new infographic that identifies the top three reasons why people waste their time at work, so that you can find possible solutions to eliminating them.

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