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One was about the gentleman who wrote about New Mexico. The November issue had articles that I wanted to respond to, but did not get around to commenting on.Still, each translation job is unique, thus challenges are ever present in the job.Here are 5 Challenges That Translators Face The challenge comes when the language is complex.Compound words are composed of two or three nouns and adjectives that are combined.

In the United States for example, an extra room in the house where guests are allowed to sleep is called a guest room. Nancy Walton Kirk Whisler Minnie Wilson Yomar Villarreal Cleary Gracias Mimi, son excelentes tus articulos, te agradezco por tu arduo y hermoso trabajo que haces, ya por bastantes anos.this area was once known as "San Juan Hill", and I am not talking about Cuba in the Spanish American war of 1898. My tree shows my family connections to many Early Californio families--Santiago Arguello, Francisco Ortega, Pacheco, Carrillo, Lopez and more Lopez, Trastamara, Tudor, Queen Isabella of Spain, and King Ferdinand of Spain, etc. I urge everyone to continue working on their family trees--the rewards are exciting and wonderful. I do not wish to share info with the public until I have an opportunity to run all the info through a proper person who does genealogy.

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Each language has a structure that is unique to it, and it is this structure that directly affects the simplicity and level of accuracy of translation.

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