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Judge David Hamilton wrote in the opinion: "Dassey spoke with the interrogators freely, after receiving and understanding Miranda warnings, and with his mother's consent." However, the three dissenting judges called the decision "a profound miscarriage of justice." Judge Ilana Rovner wrote that Dassey was an "intellectually impaired juvenile" who was "subjected to [a] myriad [of] psychologically coercive techniques but the state court did not review his interrogation with the special care required by Supreme Court precedent." Dassey's lawyers at the Center on Wrongful Convictions of Youth have said they plan on taking the case to the US Supreme Court because "interrogation tactics that may not be coercive when applied to adults are coercive when applied to children and the mentally impaired".He has remained in prison during the appeals process.She says she loved spending time with him because he treated her as an adult.Two years later, in 1996, Elisha returned to their Perth home one night to find her mother on their couch talking with two policemen.His only child, 34-year-old Elisha, says she hid the horrific truth and 'created a layer of secrecy' for decades because of the torment that followed its memories.She learned of the unforgivable actions of her father while watching the evening news on the family's television when she was just 12.

Regardless of how fulfilled her life now is professional and personally, she does not feel the need to reconnect with or give her father.'He created horrific trauma, grief and loss.The daughter of one of Australia's most notorious mass murderers has revealed how she kept it secret for 20 years because of her 'shame' towards the man that raised her.Lindsey Rose, a former 'hero' paramedic, brothel owner, drug dealer and private investigator, was responsible for the deaths of five people in Sydney between 19.He met his then-wife Lynda, a telephone operator, while working for the New South Wales Ambulance Service.'He was bold and honest.He was just different, there was a lot of fire,' Lynda Burke said.

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Hi lawyers went through the state and federal appeals process, arguing he was coerced into confessing and that his IQ was "low to borderline," meaning he may not have understood what he was doing while giving the confession.

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