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The leaflet opens to show the woman and her foreign lover on the right side, the text as mentioned on the left.

On the back of the folded leaflet the British have printed a long propaganda text.

The back has a short text message in a woman’s handwriting: [Author’s Note] The New Guinea campaign was fought from 24 January 1943 to 31 December 1944. It bears a December 1943 calendar and there were many propaganda leaflets prepared in the form of a calendar, but there were also many commercial calendars that bear nudes.

They do as their men tell them, and many of them have been told to kill you. The text is: The British government also authorized the manufacture of a very few pornographic leaflets during World War 2.

Chastity Belt The Japanese apparently printed one of the strangest sex leaflets we have ever seen.

The leaflet was depicted in The Falling Leaf, Number 132, spring 1991.

It shows a very attractive woman on a bed looking at her boyfriend’s picture.

She is filled with “welling unsatisfied passion.” Who will satisfy her passion?

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First, the picture of the face of a beautiful woman was dropped from planes.