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ALL of the Septuagint manuscripts cited in its concordance were written after A. The fable of the Septuagint arose from the counterfeit and obvious hoax letter intended to deceive, of pseudo-Aristeas. In the Introduction, the party line of the Alexandrian Cult is laid out as neatly as a tiled floor. Antioch is also the name of the text stream that you can trust thatis NOT corrupt.

That hoax and perfect deception said that seventy-two scholars were called, around 250 B. Our writer says 'THE FACT' may be regarded as 'CERTAIN' Ruckman then lists the 4 Greek manuscripts from which the Septaugint came. Get out your concordance and see that the Word of God has good things to say about Antioch and bad is what onegenerally finds about where Alexandria is located in Egypt.

Quotations by Jesus or Paul in new versions New Testaments may match readings in the so-called Septuagint, because new versions are from the exact same corrupt fourth and fifth century A. Eusebius/Origen manuscripts which underlie the document sold today and called the Septuagint. Yes, brethren, catch this FACT, less than one percent (1%) of all existing ancient Greek texts are Alexandrian.

These manuscripts are Alexandrinus, Vaticanus, and Sinaiticus. The Alexandrian texts, in just the gospels, DISAGREE within themselves almost 3000 times.

Never in all my days have I read such hard-hitting facts in favour of the Authorized Version. It really is sad how otherwise intelligent men could be sold on such perversion.

But be warned, Ruckman's style is not for the faint-hearted, especially if they are afraid of the facts! Jim Searcy GT/message/794 There are a couple of "church fathers" who were among the Greatest Champions of Satan in history. The first is Origen, who is the author of the LXX, or Septuagint, and true father of the DAMNABLE Arian heresy.

The "Septuagint" papyri (we have listed all 23 of them with all that they contain and the dates they were written in The Christian's Handbook of Manuscript Evidence pp.48-51, published in 1970) were all written within 60 to 500 years after John finished writing the Book of Revelation." "The mythological LXX or Septuagint is the most persistent spook to haunt orthodox Christianity since the myth that Christ was born in a cave. What might these men be able to teach us if they were not so stupid to use profane bibles.

Teno Gropi has some good insight as well on Origen.According to the colophon on the end of Sinaiticus, it came from Origens Hexapla. Even church historians of questionable character and faith like Jerome, Hort, and Carson, agree that this is probably true. If you want another word for corrupt manuscripts, just say Alexandrian.Origen wrote his Hexapla two hundred years after the life of Christ and the apostles. One is missing Revelation, both are missing large portions, but add apocryphal books.C., by Ptolemy, king of Egypt, to create a Greek Old Testament. made it conform with the New Testament Text." PROBLEM TEXTS - In his masterful book Problem Texts (published by Pensecola Bible Institute Press, P. Brief details include: A- "Alexandrinus:" written more than 300 years after the completion of the New Testament. There is a Big difference between Alexandria and Antioch.This Egyptian ruler supposedly asked them a number of questions related to pagan philosophy and pagan theology. It omits Genesis -17; 15:1-6, 16-19, 16:6-10, Leviticus -23, 1 Samuel -14:9, 1 Kings 3-6 and Psalms -. ONLY ONE English Bible comes from the Antioch line, and gold star to you if you guessed The KJV Holy Bible.

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Origen rewrote both Old and New Testament to suit his antichrist and strange Gnostic leanings. NOW IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THIS IT MAY BE GOOD TO SIT DOWN.

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